Will There Be A Season 8 True Blood?

Is True Blood over?

It’s hard for fans not to be thinking of True Blood this week, as we are all too aware of the fact that on Sunday night HBO will be airing the final episode of the popular vampire series.

Luckily, HBO programming director Michael Lombardo has a reasonable answer to that question.


Why did Sookie not end up with Eric?

At the end of Season 4, Sookie decides to not be with either Bill or Eric, as she loves them both too much.

Does Eric die of hep V?

Eric contracted the disease on purpose. She succumbed to Hep-V in his arms — perhaps he wishes to join her by dying of the same disease. This potential arc, of Eric making peace with his own death, would bring him full-circle with his maker Godric who met the sun of his own accord way back in Season 2.

How did Sookie Get Hep V?

Sadly, the answer is yes; after the midnight assault on Fangtasia, when those H-Vamps exploded all over Sookie, she contracted the Hep-V virus and passed it along to Bill during their feedings.

Does Bill and Sookie marry?

Absolutely. The final episode of True Blood ever aired on Aug. 24. On the series finale, Sookie (Anna Paquin) and Bill (Stephen Moyer) continued to fight over his life, Hoyt (Jim Parrack) and Jessica (Deborah Ann Woll) got married and one fan-favorite character met the true death.

Does Tara Die on True Blood?

Rutina Wesley has been starring on “True Blood” as Tara Thornton since day 1. But on the season premiere Sunday night, her character was killed off in heroic fashion — saving her mom from another vampire.

Does Sookie end up with Eric?

In Dead Ever After, the thirteenth and final entry in the series, Sookie breaks up with Eric, (who she’d been vampire-married to), gets arrested for killing Arlene (!!!), gets kidnapped by Steve Newlin, saves the day, and ends up with Sam. … That’s right, in Harris’ books, Sookie doesn’t end up with Bill or Eric.

Who is the oldest vampire in True Blood?

Known VampiresNameAgeHierarchyLilith8,000+The First VampireSirensUnknown (ancient)Lilith’s “progeny” Guide to the heir of LilithMacklyn Warlow5,541Lilith’s progeny The only faerie-vampire in existenceRussell Edgington2,850+King of Mississippi and Louisiana3 more rows

Is True Blood coming back for Season 8?

True Blood Season 8 Release Date, Cast, & News. Since 2014, there has been no news about any plans of reviving ‘True Blood’. If fans are lucky enough to get a reboot or a season renewal, fans should expect it to not have the same casting as the actors and actresses have moved on to different projects entirely.

Who is Sookie’s husband at the end of True Blood?

Sookie Stackhouse married a stuntman! At the end of True Blood, viewers were treated to a flashforward of a married—and pregnant—happy Sookie (Anna Paquin) at a Thanksgiving dinner. Her mystery man was never revealed, but he was played by stuntman Timothy Eulich.

Why does Sookie kill Arlene?

After Arlene started a relationship with Whit Spradlin and joined the Fellowship of the Sun, their friendship waned. She even participates in a plot to kill Sookie because of her acceptance of the vampires and other supernaturals.

Does Sookie ever become a vampire?

She revealed some tidbits of the book she’s currently working on, the 11th in the series. Among the sneaks: fan favorite Bubba will appear, and Eric will attempt to seduce Sookie into a life of vampirism. Rest assured, Harris’ protagonist is no Bella Swan. “Sookie will never be a vampire,” she insisted.

Did Bill really love Sookie?

Bill may have very well fallen in love with Sookie, or her blood anyway, and that’s more what the case seems to be. Over time, we find out that Sookie is part Fairy, and that her blood is extremely delectable to Vampires. Bill tells her this himself, and automatically she asks him if his feelings are based on that.

Does Sookie get pregnant in Gilmore Girls?

During the seventh season of Gilmore Girls, Sookie found herself unexpectedly pregnant. The Dragonfly Inn’s renowned chef shouldn’t have been pregnant because her husband, Jackson Belville, had a vasectomy after the couple welcomed their second child. … No, Sookie didn’t cheat on her husband.

Who kills Tara True Blood?

Tara is killed by another vampire in Episode 1 of Season 7. Throughout season 7 Tara appears to her mother who is under the influence of vampire blood trying to tell her something about their past. In episode 8 it is discovered Tara had an abusive father who left after a fight with Lettie Mae.

Why was true blood Cancelled?

The series ended because the creators of True Blood felt they ran out of worthwhile stories to share. … And to stay just because the ratings were strong felt not who we are and we needed, quite honestly, the money and Sunday night space for new shows.” Up to that point, True Blood was one of HBO’s flagship series.

Who does Eric Northman end up with?

In the 13th Sookie Stackhouse novel, Dead Ever After, Eric and Sookie’s relationship has crashed and burned. Eric is set to officially marry Freyda, the Queen of Oklahoma, and he has been banned from ever seeing Sookie again.

Does Jason Stackhouse die in True Blood?

Because the vampire Eve has inspired the Authority to savagely kill all humans. … In Charlaine Harris’ Sookie Stackhouse novels, Jason was actually turned into a werepanther in Dead to the World, which the fourth season of the HBO series was loosely based on.

Is Eric Northman alive in Season 7?

Eric is at last seen alive, weak and ill. Pam is horrified as she sees the dark veins in his chest, revealing he had somehow been infected by the Hepatitis V virus.

Does Arlene die?

Arlene is basically dead, and somehow, she survives through Eric’s lengthy ruse, the fight in the parking lot, and basically having absolutely no blood. Sookie runs to her side, but Arlene needs the blood of a healthy vampire. Bill has to rush away because Jessica is about to die, so he’s out.