What Is The Point Of Dear Evan Hansen?

What age is dear Evan Hansen appropriate for?

12 and olderIs there an age limit.

DEAR EVAN HANSEN is recommended for ages 12 and older.

Children under the age of four will not be permitted in the theatre..

What mental illness does Evan Hansen have?

Evan Hansen is a highschool senior who suffers with severe social anxiety, making it hard for him to connect with others and make friends. His therapist has given him an assignment that leads him to write letters to himself.

How did Connor in Dear Evan Hansen die?

Evan is called to the principal’s office and is told by Connor’s parents that Connor died by suicide days before, with Evan’s letter found in his pocket, which they believe is a suicide note addressed to him.

Is Dear Evan Hansen a true story?

‘Dear Evan Hansen’ tells a fictional story of suicide. But its actors field messages from very real people in crisis. … But he knew there would be messages, too, from fans who wanted to open up about their own mental health issues, including some who shared thoughts about suicide.

Is the 100 appropriate for 13 year olds?

Great show, VERY violent, 16+

Is Book of Mormon appropriate for 12 year old?

But if the question was “Should a very mature 12-year-old see the Book of Mormon [Musical]”, I’d easily answer no. At any age, the musical is crass and profane like no other that I’ve had the displeasure of sampling. I honestly don’t see any value in the play beyond cheap laughs and shallow stereotypes.

Is Dear Evan Hansen on Broadway?

Dear Evan Hansen opened on Broadway at the Music Box Theatre on December 4, 2016, where it’s broken all box office records and has struck a chord with critics and audiences alike.

Does Evan Hansen kill himself?

Here’s what Evan did: The summer before his senior year, he attempted suicide. When his classmate Connor died by suicide early in the school year, Evan crafted a persona for him to pretend they were friends. This persona became how he represented Connor to the Murphy parents.

Why is dear Evan Hansen sad?

We learn quickly that Evan has long struggled with issues of depression and anxiety. As an assignment from his therapist, he writes daily motivational letters to himself (hence the show’s title). “What we talked about doing was writing a show that has a story where people have a real inability to connect,” Paul said.

Is Dear Evan Hansen inappropriate?

Parents should know I found the show very intense. It deals with issues of anxiety, depression, grief and suicide. It also includes adult language, mature sexual language and a few mild sexual gestures. … With this in mind, I recommend this show for teens and adults, not younger kids.

Who kills himself in Dear Evan Hansen?

Connor MurphySpoiler alert: Connor Murphy, a high school student, dies in the show; Dear Evan Hansen follows the chain of events sparked by his suicide. His tragic death forever changes the lives of his family and fellow students, particularly Evan Hansen, played by Ben Platt.

Is Evan Hansen a bad person?

Evan Hansen is a selfish, lying, delusional, manipulative menace. But he FEELS BAD and has ANXIETY about the mountains of anguish he’s pilling on others, so it’s okay. … He manipulated his way to fit in, but he only did so because he suffered all his life, fitting in is something he really wanted.

How much is a dear Evan Hansen ticket?

Currently, Dear Evan Hansen tickets at Vivid Seats start at $54. There are always great deals to be found at Vivid Seats. The get-in price, or lowest price for a ticket to see Dear Evan Hansen, is $54.