What Is London’S West End Famous For?

What is on West End London?

Featured West End PlaysHarry Potter and the Cursed Child.

Palace Theatre.

The Play That Goes Wrong.

Duchess Theatre, London.


Harold Pinter Theatre, London.

Death Drop.

Garrick Theatre, London.

Magic Goes Wrong.

Vaudeville Theatre, London.

The Ocean At The End Of The Lane.

The Mousetrap.

The Woman in Black.More items….

What is the main Theatre in London?

Top 10 theatres in LondonRoyal Opera House. Royal Opera House. … Shakespeare’s Globe. Shakespeare’s Globe. … Young Vic. Young Vic. … Sadler’s Wells. Sadler’s Well. … National Theatre. National Theatre. … Barbican. Barbican Theatre. … London Coliseum. … Regent’s Park Open Air Theatre.More items…

Why is West End called Westend?

The term ‘the West End’ is an abbreviation of The West End of London and it describes a specific area of Central London that’s to the North of the famous River Thames. … This pivotal moment history proved to be a turning point for the West End and without it, we might see a very different look to the district today.

Who Owns the West End?

While the Theatre has a resident show, it also has one off performances such as concerts….List of West End theatres.TheatreSondheim TheatreAddressShaftesbury AvenueOwner/OperatorDelfont Mackintosh TheatresCurrent productionLes MisérablesOpening date16 January 202037 more columns

Is the West End of London safe?

All central hotel areas in London are safe and have restaurants and pubs on your doorstep. By the sound of where you are cominng from the West End is not the place to stay. First place that comes to mind would be the Bloomsbury District, the literay district of London.

What was the first West End show?

Les Misérables1. Les Misérables. Les Mis debuted in Paris in September 1980, before arriving in London’s West End on 8 October 1985.

What shows are on in London March 2020?

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. Palace Theatre. … The Book of Mormon. Prince of Wales Theatre. … Wicked. Apollo Victoria Theatre. … Pretty Woman: The Musical. Piccadilly Theatre. … Come From Away. Phoenix Theatre. … Matilda the Musical. Cambridge Theatre. … TINA – The Tina Turner Musical. Aldwych Theatre. … The Prince of Egypt. Dominion Theatre.More items…

What is the best musical ever made?

What’s the best musical of all time? Les Miserables. Wicked. The Phantom of the Opera. Sweeney Todd. Rent. A Chorus Line. Into the Woods. West Side Story.More items…•

What was the first musical ever?

The first original theatre piece in English that conforms to the modern conception of a musical, adding dance and original music that helped to tell the story, is generally considered The Black Crook, which premiered in New York on September 12, 1866.

How many Theatres are there in London West End?

39 theatresLearn all about the 39 theatres in the West End, as we take you on a whistlestop tour of the venues throughout Theatreland.

What is the best show in London?

Top 10 London musicals and showsHairspray the Musical at the London Coliseum. … Tina – The Tina Turner Musical at Aldwych Theatre. … Matilda The Musical at the Cambridge Theatre. … The Book of Mormon at the Prince of Wales Theatre. … Wicked at the Apollo Victoria. … Come From Away at Phoenix Theatre.More items…

What are the bad parts of London?

The Top 10 Most Dangerous London Boroughs (Updated for 2019)10) Hackney. The London Borough of Hackney is an area of Inner London which spans parts of East London and North London. … 9) Croydon. Croydon is a South London borough located just over nine miles from Charing Cross. … 8) Brent. … 7) Haringey. … 6) Tower Hamlets. … 5) Lambeth. … 4) Southwark. … 3) Camden.More items…•

What is the longest running musical?

Les MisérablesLes Misérables is the longest-running musical in the West End, and second longest in the world.

Worldwide revenueRankMusicalDebut year1The Lion King19972The Phantom of the Opera19863Wicked20034Cats19816 more rows

Which is the oldest Theatre in London?

the Theatre RoyalWith an original structure which dates back to 1660, the Theatre Royal holds 2196 audience members whilst being the oldest theatre in the city still in use. A grade I listed building, the theatre is located in Covent Garden, near the heart of the West End.

What are the best plays in London right now?

London Theatre | The Best Shows Right NowCome From Away | Phoenix Theatre. … Dear Evan Hansen | Noël Coward Theatre. … Les Misérables | Sondheim Theatre, London. … Matilda The Musical | Cambridge Theatre, London. … Waitress | Adelphi Theatre. … A Number | Bridge Theatre. … Daughter | Battersea Arts Centre. … Endgame | Old Vic.More items…•

Is cats the longest running musical?

The London production ran for 21 years and 8,949 performances, while the Broadway production ran for 18 years and 7,485 performances, making Cats the longest-running musical in both theatre districts for a number of years. Cats has since been revived in the West End twice and on Broadway once.

Which is the biggest Theatre in London?

The London PalladiumThe London Palladium is the largest theatre, with a capacity of 2286 seats. The Apollo Victoria, Drury Lane (Theatre Royal), the Lyceum Theatre and the Dominion ranked second to fifth, each with a capacity of over 2000 seats.