What Does Jenny Powell Do Now?

What age is Jenny Powell?

52 years (April 8, 1968)Jenny Powell/Age.

Is Jenny Powell white?

Early life. Jennifer Powell was born on 8 April 1968 in Ilford, England. Powell’s parents are of Cape Coloured descent from South Africa. She attended Woodford County High School for Girls in Woodford Green and the Italia Conti school in London.

Who is Jennifer Powell?

Powell is described as the “influencer’s influencer.” Powell’s successes in the influencer marketing space led her to start Jennifer Powell, Inc in April 2017, where she focuses on influencer management and brand building as well as consultation and creation of influencer marketing strategy for brands.

Who is Jenny Powell married to?

Toby Baxendalem. 2006–2009Jenny Powell/Spouse

Where is Jenny Powell from?

Ilford, United KingdomJenny Powell/Place of birth

Is Jenny Powell mixed race?

TV presenter Jenny Powell- both parents are Cape Coloureds (mixed race South Africans).

When was Jenny Powell born?

April 8, 1968 (age 52 years)Jenny Powell/Date of birth

Who has Jenny Powell dated?

Jenny previously dated Take That star Jason Orange, but the pair split in 1995. In 2005, two years after she married Toby, Jenny confessed to a seven-month fling with handyman Jake Robinson, who appeared with her in BBC show Our House, the Mirror reported.