Quick Answer: Why Did Brad Pitt Go On Friends?

When Brad Pitt was on Friends was he with Jennifer?

November 2001November 2001: Pitt guest-starred alongside Aniston on an episode of ‘Friends’ Avid “Friends” fans may remember the time Pitt made a guest appearance on season eight of the show..

Were Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt married when he appeared on Friends?

It continues the series’ annual Thanksgiving-themed episode tradition, and guest-stars cast member Jennifer Aniston’s then-husband Brad Pitt in the uncredited role of Will Colbert, who reveals that he and Ross (David Schwimmer) were part of an “I hate Rachel” club.

Why did friends get Cancelled?

The show was cancelled midway through the second season due to low ratings. … LeBlanc has said that, had the series continued, his former castmates probably would have made cameos. Actor Robert Costanzo did however play Joey’s father on both series.

Are Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston a couple again?

Brad and Jen officially split, offering the below joint statement: “We would like to announce that after seven years together we have decided to formally separate.