Quick Answer: Who Was The Original Jenna In Waitress?

Is waitress based on a true story?

Waitress is a musical with music and lyrics by Sara Bareilles and a book by Jessie Nelson.

The musical is based on the 2007 film of the same name, written by Adrienne Shelly.

It tells the story of Jenna Hunterson, a baker and waitress in an abusive relationship with her husband Earl..

Who was in the original cast of waitress?

Waitress Broadway Original CastEric Anderson. Cal.Nick Cordero. Earl.Charity Angel Dawson. Ensemble.Benny Elledge. Joe. (Understudy)Christopher Fitzgerald. Ogie.Drew Gehling. Dr. Pomatter. Dr. Pomatter. Dr. Pomatter.Kimiko Glenn. Dawn.Molly Hager. Ensemble.More items…

How old is Jenna from waitress?

[JENNA] – Female, 20’s-30’s. Any ethnicity. A woman stuck in her life as an unhappily married waitress in a small town.

How much money did Joe leave Jenna in waitress?

Old Joe dies and leaves Jenna over $200,000 which she uses to buy the diner. She tells the doctor that she doesn’t want to continue their relationship because he’s already happily married.