Quick Answer: Who Is Better Joey Or Chandler?

How much does Joey Tribbiani owe Chandler?

Let’s not forget the estimated $1,620 spent on phone bills, $5,500 on furniture for the flat and $1000 on two sets of headshots for Joey’s resume.

Plus the $3,400 Chandler mentions Joey owes him in season 6, episode 18.

So exactly how much does Joey owe Chandler.

A staggering $120,760!.

Did any of the Friends cast dated in real life?

Nope, Jennifer Aniston and David Schwimmer never dated each other in real life. But she did date three of her Friends co-stars, something people are only just learning and is therefore ‘doing the rounds’ online.

Who is Joey Tribbiani’s best friend?

Chandler BingChandler Bing Chandler is Joey’s best friend. Joey meets Chandler when he shows up at the apartment for a roommate interview.

Does Chandler cheat on Monica?

They wrote: ‘Most would agree that Chandler definitely won’t cheat on Monica, although there were lots of signs that make me think Monica might have cheated on Chandler. 1. She thought it’s ok for her to flirt with other guys (s5e19), so it’s not technically cheating but she did challenge the moral ground.

Who from friends died?

Stan KirschActor Stan Kirsch, best known for roles in the Highlander TV series and sitcom Friends, has died at the age of 51.

Why was Chandler so thin in Season 3?

Originally Answered: Why is Chandler so thin in season 3? Because that time he was battling a serious addiction to drugs and alcohol. … He lost 20 pounds due to pancreatis, and he was also battling an addiction to Vicodin for about 3 years.

Who was the most annoying character on Friends?

Ross GellerRoss Geller: ‘Friends’ most hated character.

Why Joey Tribbiani is the best?

Joey Tribbiani is easily a fan-favorite character from the beloved TV series, Friends. He’s loyal, hilarious, charming, and of course, good looking. When Joey became Chandler’s new roommate, he easily integrated himself into this iconic friend group and quickly became a key member of the gang.

Did any of the Friends cast not get along?

Of her co-stars, Cox, LeBlanc, Schwimmer, Lisa Kudrow, and Matthew Perry, Aniston says they all get along. … “Not one,” Aniston replied, before fondly adding, “Lightning in a bottle.” Aniston insisted that not only did the cast get along but they also worked together when it came to the subject of equal pay.

Why was Chandler so thin in Season 7?

In 2000 he was hospitalized with pancreatitis as a result of his addictions. During that summer he lost 20 pounds, appearing noticeably thinner during the 7th season premiere of Friends, in a scene that continued directlyvfrom the 6th season finale.

Did any of the Friends cast sleep together?

The ‘Friends’ Cast Finally Admitted They Were All Sleeping With Each Other — Get the Scoop!

Does Chandler die in friends?

However, you probably haven’t seen this “lost” episode, “The One Where Chandler Dies.” A YouTuber by the name of “Dogfood” cut together a bunch of scenes from all 10 seasons to create an episode where, you guessed it, Chandler dies.

Who is Joey’s best friend?

At the end of the series, Chandler and Monica made it clear to Joey that their new house outside the city would have a room for him. While Joey is best friends with Chandler, Ross is a close second (although Ross has been referred to as his best friend several times).

Who is the hottest character on Friends?

The Official Hottest Character on Friends PollRachel (35) 29.66%Monica (29) 24.58%Phoebe (15) 12.71%Joey (11) 9.32%Chandler (22) 18.64%Ross (6) 5.08%

Who is the least favorite character on Friends?

MonicaNow, viewers have had their say in who the best of the friends. Monica is the least favourite main character on the show with only five percent of the votes. Her brother Ross didn’t fare much better, only scoring one percent more.

Why did the Joey show get Cancelled?

NBC canceled the series due to poor ratings on May 15, 2006 and did not broadcast the remaining eight episodes of the season.

Why is Rachel the worst?

Rachel sabotaged Ross’ relationships 3 times. … Then comes Emily and she goes to London, to again lead Ross on by telling him he loves her. She doesn’t tell him but her suprise visit throws Ross off and he accidentally says her name causing all sorts of problems for him. This is why people consider her the worst.

Are Chandler and Joey friends in real life?

Joey Tribbiani and Chandler Bing were best friends on the show, and as time goes on, it turns out they are still BFFs in real life, too. In recent interviews, LeBlanc said of Perry: … Perry was working on The Odd Couple, while LeBlanc was starring in Man With a Plan.