Quick Answer: What Is The Musical Waitress Based On?

Who wrote waitress the musical?

Jessie NelsonWaitress/Playwrights.

Who is Earl in waitress?

Ben ThompsonBroadway alum Ben Thompson joins six-time Grammy nominee Sara Bareilles in the Broadway production of Waitress.

Did waitress win any Tonys?

In 2016, Waitress, the hit musical she wrote and starred in, was nominated for and lost four Tony Awards, including for best musical and best original score.

What is the meaning of waitress?

A waitress is a woman who works in a restaurant, serving people with food and drink. Synonyms: attendant, server, stewardess, servant More Synonyms of waitress. 2. verb. A woman who waitresses works in a restaurant serving food and drink.

What does a waitress do in a restaurant?

Waiters/waitresses work in restaurants and other dining establishments. They are responsible for greeting customers, taking food and beverage orders, verifying the identification and age of any customers ordering alcoholic beverages and submitting food orders to the kitchen staff.

What role did Nick Cordero play in waitress?

In March 2016, he joined the Broadway production of Waitress, playing the role of Earl. He left Waitress to join the Broadway premiere of the musical A Bronx Tale, playing Sonny at the Longacre Theatre starting on November 3, 2016.

Who is the current cast of waitress?

MEET THE CASTKatharine McPhee. Jenna.NaTasha Yvette Williams. Becky.Caitlin Houlahan. Dawn.Drew Gehling. Dr. Pomatter.Ben Thompson. Earl.Larry Marshall. Joe.Benny Elledge. Cal, u/s Joe.Delaney Quinn. Lulu (at certain performances)More items…

Do they sell pie at waitress musical?

As you enter the theater you are welcomed with the aroma of freshly baking apple pie. Something they do every performance. And the sell pie – NOT worth the $12 they charge for it. As for the show – it was a fun time.

Was waitress based on a book?

Certainly there’s a pass-the-ball-around quality to “Waitress.” Based on the late Adrienne Shelly’s hit 2007 film about baking and sisterhood in a small-town diner, “Waitress” features a likable group of down-but-not-out characters, along with other elements that make for promising entertainment.

How old is Jenna from waitress?

[JENNA] – Female, 20’s-30’s.

How much money did Joe leave Jenna in waitress?

Old Joe dies and leaves Jenna over $200,000 which she uses to buy the diner. She tells the doctor that she doesn’t want to continue their relationship because he’s already happily married.

Who is in waitress now?

West End (2019–2020) The production opened in London’s West End on February 8, 2019 (previews) at the Adelphi Theatre and featured Katharine McPhee as Jenna, who had previously played the role on Broadway, and Jack McBrayer as Ogie. Lucie Jones took over the role of Jenna on June 17, 2019.