Quick Answer: What Broadway Shows Has Neil Patrick Harris Been In?

How much money did Neil Patrick Harris make per episode?

1 Neil Patrick Harries – $400,000 Per Episode..

How tall is Neil Patrick Harris?

1.83 mNeil Patrick Harris/Height

Where is Doogie Howser now?

Howser is a second-year resident surgeon at Eastman Medical Center in Los Angeles, and still lives at home with his parents. His best friend and neighbor, Vinnie Delpino (Max Casella), is a more typical teenager—climbing through Howser’s bedroom window to visit—and connects him to life outside of medicine.

Who is playing Lola in Kinky Boots now?

Wayne BradyEmmy winner Wayne Brady will return to his glittery boots as fabulous drag queen Lola in the Tony-winning Broadway musical Kinky Boots on Monday, March 5.

Who is the father of Neil Patrick Harris twins?

Neil Patrick Harris has “no interest” in finding out if he is his twins’ biological father. The ‘How I Met Your Mother’ actor and his husband David Burtka welcomed twins Gideon and Harper into the world via a surrogate in October 2010 but they don’t care which of them has genetic links to each of the kids.

Is Neil Patrick Harris married?

David Burtkam. 2014Neil Patrick Harris/SpouseHarris was named one of Time magazine’s 100 Most Influential People in 2010. He is married to David Burtka. In 2010, they had twins via surrogacy.

Are Josh Radnor and Neil Patrick Harris friends?

Neil Patrick Harris and Josh Radnor have actually done theatre together. If you scroll down to Neil Patrick Harris’s Instagram, his posts are self-explanatory. Neil and Cobie Smulders often comment on each others posts. In a video, all of them said that HIMYM meant family to them.

Who wrote Kinky Boots the Musical?

Harvey FiersteinKinky Boots/PlaywrightsKinky Boots is based on the 2005 British movie of the same name and debuted on Broadway in 2013. Lauper penned the music and lyrics, while Broadway vet Harvey Fierstein wrote the book.

Are Neil Patrick Harris twins biological?

The now four-year-old twins Harper and Gideon were born via surrogate, whose eggs were fertilized with one sperm from Harris and one sperm from Burtka. … That means NPH is biologically the father of one twin while Burtka is the biological father of the other.

How much of Kinky Boots is true?

The i newsletter cut through the noise. Steve was the man who saved his family’s traditional shoe factory, WJ Brookes, by branching out into footwear for men who like to dress as women. But not everything in the film matches the reality. “About 50 per cent of it is true.

Who is the highest paid actor on how I met your mother?

He first won over fans as Ted Mosby on CBS’s “How I Met Your Mother.” That show, which aired from 2005 to 2014, landed Radnor on Forbes’ 2014 list of highest paid TV actors for raking in $10 million — a combination of his salary for the last season of HIMYM and syndication revenue, according to the publication.

Where is Neil Patrick Harris House?

Share All sharing options for: Neil Patrick Harris Bought Record-Setting Harlem Townhouse. Last month, we reported that a four-story, 8,000-square-foot townhouse at 2036 Fifth Avenue in Harlem had set a neighborhood record when it went in contract for its full ask of $4 million.

How much money does Neil Patrick Harris make?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Neil Patrick Harris is worth $40 million. He’s made a lot of his money thanks to his roles on “How I Met Your Mother” and “A Series of Unfortunate Events.” He has deals with American Airlines and Heineken, both of which contribute to his wealth.

What was kinky boots based on?

KINKY BOOTS is based on a true story about Steve Pateman and the attempt made to save his family owned shoe factory (W.J. Brooks Ltd. in Earls Barton in Northamptonshire, England). Previous to the musical, in 2005, this story became a feature film under the same name.

Has Neil Patrick Harris made an album?

Die magischen Sechs – Mr. Vernons Zauberladen (Autorisierte Lesefassung)2018Die Magischen Sechs – Madame Esmeraldas Geheimnis (Gekürzte Lesung)2019Neil Patrick Harris/Albums

Is kinky boots appropriate for 14 year old?

At minimum 12 years old. With some racy topics that arise, your kids should be able to focus on the BIG picture; KINKY BOOTS is really about finding your true potential and becoming the person you want to be, verses who others want you to be.

Did Neil Patrick Harris play in Kinky Boots?

The landmark 1998 musical stars Harris as the titular Hedwig, a transgender singer fronting a fictional rock-n-roll band. Lena Hall, who recently starred as Nicola in Broadway’s Tony-winning musical Kinky Boots and is also the lead singer of rock band The Deafening, co-stars with Harris as Yitzhak.

Who did Neil Patrick Harris play in rent?

Here’s what: Neil Patrick Harris, who played the kid-genius doctor on Doogie Howser, M.D., will costar in the West Coast production of the smash Broadway musical Rent.