Quick Answer: Is It Worth Playing Last Of Us 2?

Which is better the last of us 1 or 2?

The sequel isn’t any better in terms of the action, although it is very slick, but the story and characters are much more ambitious.

Certainly not an action game as well.


There’s no denying that it’s an exhausting, depressing experience but then again I don’t feel it wallows in that..

Will There Be a Last of Us Part 3?

Hold your infected horses, The Last of Us Part III has yet to be announced. Nothing official has been said, but Game Director Neil Druckmann has commented to IndieWire on the matter. … These are similar to the comments Druckmann made in 2014 following the release of Last of Us: Left Behind.

Is Last of Us 2 open world?

Although The Last of Us 2 will not be a full on open world titte, we will be able to experience some open world-like parts in the game. … This section of the game is limited though, so you will need to take care of what you would like to before continuing, as there will be no way to return once you leave.

Should I play the last of us before Part 2?

If you want to get the most out of the narrative, it’s recommended that you play through The Last of Us before tackling its sequel. … It’s cohesive enough that you can go in blind and still come away with an appreciation for the story without being privy to every small detail.

Is Last of Us 2 hard to play?

The Last Of Us Part II is a difficult game. Not just in its story content, but in the challenging combat encounters, puzzles and set pieces that it throws at the player across its 30-hour campaign.

Why Last of Us 2 is bad?

The inconsistency of the treatment of certain characters performing the same actions during the second part is, at times, embarrassingly bad. The ending is a very good example of this – it’s laugh out loud ridiculous in its lack of logic. The plot is clumsy, ham-fisted, and trite.