Quick Answer: How Old Is Annette69?

Who is 69th sister?

Annette RuizFamily Life She has a son named Manny.

She grew up alongside her sister Annette Ruiz..

How old is Jennifer Ruiz?

37 years (August 9, 1983)Jenny Ruiz-Williams/Age

Where is Jenny 69 from?

In the Instagram beauty world, Corona resident Jennifer Ruiz, who’s known on social media channels as Jen_ny69, is one of the first Latinas to break into the social influencer circle. At 23, the Riverside native has 1.2 million followers on Instagram.

Why is Jenny 69 Cancelled?

Jenny69 is canceled after defending her silence on Black Lives Matter. People are canceling YouTuber Jenny69 after she uploaded and later deleted a video detailing why she temporarily left social media and hasn’t commented on the George Floyd protests.

How many followers did Jenny 69 have?

1,965,139 followersA – Jen_ny69 has 1,965,139 followers on Instagram.

What high school did Jenny 69 go to?

Corona High SchoolEarly life Ruiz-Williams was born in Anaheim, California and attended Corona High School in Corona, California.

What is Jenny Ruiz worth?

Jen_ny69 is an American YouTube channel that has a net worth of $81,000 dollars as of November 2020.

What is annette69 net worth?

$200k – $300k (More info Below) Annette Ruiz is not only hot and beautiful but, she wields her beauty wands like no other.