Quick Answer: How Many Legendaries Is A Seer Worth?

What’s the rarest weapon in mm2?

Jack and Mummy are the 2 most valuable rare weapons.

Some ways you are able to obtain weapons are through trading, crafting, events and even boxes.

there are a total of 55 rares..

What is a prismatic worth in mm2?

Prismatic is a Godly knife purchasable for 1,699 Robux released on 17 July 2020.

What is Ghost Blade worth in mm2?

Ghostblade is a godly knife that could’ve been purchased from the Ghostly Pack for 1700 Robux. It can now only be obtained from trading. This was part of the Halloween Event 2019.

What is the value of a seer?

Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio A SEER rating is a maximum efficiency rating, similar to the miles per gallon for your car. Your car might get 28 miles per gallon on the highway, but if you’re stuck in city traffic it could be lower. If your air conditioner is 21 SEER, that’s its maximum efficiency.

What does blue mean in mm2?

Nikilis on Twitter: “Item Rarities: (Normal) White – Common Blue – Uncommon Green – Rare Red – Legendary Pink – Godly (Special) Yellow – Classic Orange – Reward”

How many seers is batwing worth?

65 seersI got the Batwing game pass and I’ll be testing it out. I don’t think it’s worth it for the price since it doesn’t come with any pets or effects just the knife. It’s worth 65 seers.

Is Mortal blade real mm2?

It is not real and probably won’t ever be a weapon in MM2.

How much is ice shard worth?

The Ice Shard is a godly weapon that was released 12/25/2017 for 1299 robux. It can now only be obtained from trading.

Is Blue Elite rare?

Although blue elite is worth more is more rare I could probably get more from seer because not a lot of people value legendaries at a high price, unless they are insanely rare.

What is Snowflake worth in mm2?

Snowflake is a godly knife that can be obtained by exchanging 3,000 tokens in the Christmas Event 2017. It gives 10 godly shards when salvaged.

How much Robux is Nightblade worth?

Nightblade is a Godly knife originally obtained from Shadow Item Pack which cost 1299 robux.

What is frostbite worth mm2?

Frostbite is a Godly knife obtainable by buying the Frostbite Item Pack gamepass for 1699 Robux.

What is the purple rarity in mm2?

Purple is a rare knife unboxed in the Rainbow Box.

What is red in mm2?

Legendary Weapons are red rated items in Murder Mystery 2 that are some of the rarest weapons in the game. Legendaries are somewhat difficult to get, being more difficult to obtain than Rare Weapons, but unlike Godly Weapons, which are extremely hard to get.

How many seers is Tides worth?

50 SeersTRADED : 1 Seer 1 Legendary 2 Rares = 1 Tides TIDES WORTH: 50 Seers Like Comment SKRUBSKRIBE PEACE OUT PIEZ THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR 1K VIEWS!