Quick Answer: Has Susan Cox Powell Been Found?

Where is Susan Powell buried?

Susan Marie Cox PowellBirth16 Oct 1981 Oregon, USADeath7 Dec 2009 (aged 28) West Valley City, Salt Lake County, Utah, USABurialWoodbine Cemetery Puyallup, Pierce County, Washington, USA Show MapPlotThis is just a memorial.Memorial ID101695398 · View Source.

What happened to Susan Cox Powell sons?

On February 5, 2012, Joshua killed himself and their two young sons, Charles Joshua (b. January 19, 2005) and Braden Timothy (b. January 2, 2007), in a murder–suicide after custody of the boys had been awarded to Susan’s parents, Charles and Judy Cox.

When did Susan Cox Powell go missing?

Dec. 6, 2009Powell was 28 years old when she disappeared Dec. 6, 2009, from her home in West Valley City.

Why did Josh Powell kill Susan?

Like most, Cawley believes that Susan was killed by her husband, Josh Powell. … He chose to act in December 2009, likely because he feared that Susan was getting ready to leave him. Susan had set April 2010 as her deadline before she filed for divorce.

Is Josh Powell alive?

Deceased (1976–2012)Josh Powell/Living or Deceased

Where did Josh Powell die?

Graham, Washington, United StatesJosh Powell/Place of death

What year did Josh Powell die?

February 5, 2012Josh Powell/Date of death

Did Josh Powell kill Susan?

When Josh Powell decided to kill his children and destroy his house with and explosion and fire, he removed any doubt for most that he was responsible for the disappearance of his wife Susan Cox Powell. Her body has never been found after she vanished Dec. 7, 2009 from West Valley City, Utah.

Was Josh Powell Mormon?

The story of Susan Cox and Josh Powell began like many others. Both were devout members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, otherwise known as the Mormon Church, in 2000 at a dinner party at Josh’s apartment in November of that year.

Is Susan Powell married?

Susan Cox and Josh Powell married in spring 2001 at a Mormon temple in Portland, Oregon, about four months after meeting at a Latter-day Saints singles dance.

Who killed Susan Cox?

Josh PowellSALT LAKE CITY (KUTV) — Friday marks one decade since Susan Cox Powell disappeared from her West Valley City, Utah home — presumed murdered by her husband Josh Powell.

What did Susan Powell do for a living?

CosmetologistSusan Powell/Professions