Question: Who Are The 9s?

Did Hiro and 02 die?

Spoiler alert.

Yes and No.

Hiro and Zero Two take Strelizia to VIRM’s home planet via a warp gate, and are blown up by the bomb they’re carrying when they destroy the planet.

Her body had been left on Earth though, having fused her soul (i guess) with Strelitzia..

What is Kokoro?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Kokoro (Japanese: 心) means “heart; mind; mentality; emotions; feelings” in Chinese characters. Kokoro may refer to: Kokoro, a 1914 novel by Natsume Sōseki. Kokoro: Hints and Echoes of Japanese Life, an 1896 collection by Lafcadio Hearn.

Does Ichigo like Hiro?

Due to her sheltered upbringing, Ichigo had no concept of love and she was utterly confused over her feelings for Hiro, as well as her jealousy of Zero Two. … She even tries to have Zero Two removed from the squad and forces herself on Hiro, kissing him and begs him to choose her over Zero Two.

How old is Kokoro?

MitsuruNo TitleAliasCode 326OriginDarling in the FranxxAge14-15OccupationFranxx pilot for Plantation 133 more rows

Is Hiro a Klaxosaur?

Hiro’s yellow blood cell count began to increase at an abnormally fast rate due to him riding in Strelizia with Zero Two, who is a klaxosaur-human hybrid and thus her physiology was incompatible with his. … As a result, Hiro develops horns and fangs that are characteristics of a klaxosapien hybrid like Zero Two.

What is Hiro darling?

Hiro (ヒロ, Hiro) is the main protagonist of DARLING in the FRANXX. He was a Parasite with the codename “016” and was once known as a prodigy among the Children. … A thousand years later, Hiro and Zero Two’s souls reincarnate as a pair of children that meet each other again and rekindle their romance.

Did Kokoro get pregnant?

Kokoro later discovers she is pregnant and is faced with the choice of having an abortion or keeping the baby and lose her place as a parasite. However, hearing Mitsuru say he wants her to keep the baby and rebuild their relationship, they reconcile and become a couple again. She later gives birth to a girl named Ai.

Does zero two have a kid?

In the final episode, Zero Two and Hiro are nearly defeated but they sacrifice themselves to destroy the VIRM home planet and free the souls trapped by VIRM. At some point in the future, they are reincarnated into two children.

Is Darling in the Franxx for kids?

Darling in the Franxx is meant to be a gore less action, and it contains no real gore. Rated 13+ for slight violence and sexual undertones.

Who does Kokoro end up with?

After the ten year timeskip, Kokoro and Mitsuru are still happily married and have three children (Ai, a boy named Riku, and another girl named Hana) and they are expecting their fourth child.

Does Hiro die?

Hiro and Zero Two die in the process of defending Earth from VIRM, and the series ends with the two of them meeting again as children, having been reincarnated on Earth, where the human race is now thriving again.

Why does Ikuno hair turn white?

When piloting Chlorophytum, she wears a white bodysuit with light violet accents. In Episode 21, her purple hair turned white due to overusing her capabilities.