Question: Is Be More Chill Appropriate For 12 Year Olds?

Are cats ok kids?

There’s no bad language, there’s no violence, but there’s a bit of rude humor and suggestive movements.

Cats is 2 hours long though, and there’s not enough action to keep kids awake and engaged for that long.

I would not recommend the Cats movie for kids under 10 unless they’ve seen Cats the musical and love it..

How old is the Phantom?

In the movie, the ages are all shifted to be much younger than in the book or on stage. On stage and in the novel, Christine and Raoul are in their 20’s, Phantom in his late 40’s-50’s.

Is Miss Saigon suitable for a 12 year old?

Miss Saigon is the tale of their love in the midst of war. Note: This production is recommended for a parents’ night out. The show is not appropriate for children.

Is the prom closing?

The new musical comedy opened at the Longacre Theatre in November 2018. The Broadway production will play its final performance at the Longacre Theatre August 11. … At the time of closing, the musical will have played 23 previews and 310 regular performances.

Is be more chill appropriate for 13 year olds?

A quick Google search confirmed that this was THE show for tweens and teens and the Be More Chill website suggested it for kids 12 and up.

Why is be more chill closing?

Iconis released the following statement in announcing the August closing: “Be More Chill has never followed a conventional path. It’s a musical that has subverted expectations and caused a ruckus every step of the way.

Is Dear Evan Hansen appropriate for a 13 year old?

It also includes adult language, mature sexual language and a few mild sexual gestures. … With this in mind, I recommend this show for teens and adults, not younger kids. Even for older kids — sensitive ones, especially — parents will want to be prepared to discuss what they’ll see both before and after the show.

Is Hamilton appropriate for 12 year old?

The PG-13 rating is spot on. The show feels geared towards older kids (tweens and up), not only for its mature content but also for the complicated ideas and historical frameworks present. It helps if your kid knows a thing or two about the American Revolution and Constitution.

Is six the musical kid friendly?

SIX is recommended for those aged 12 and up.

Will Roland married?

The former Dear Evan Hansen actor will tie the knot. Broadway’s Will Roland is doing much more than surviving these days.

Is be more chill over?

Be More Chill is a musical with original music and lyrics by Joe Iconis, and a book by Joe Tracz, based on the 2004 novel of the same name by Ned Vizzini. After a 2015 regional theatre production, the musical premiered off-Broadway in 2018. … The Broadway production closed on August 11, 2019.

How long is dear Evan Hansen?

approximately 2 hours and 30 minutesWhat is the running time? DEAR EVAN HANSEN is approximately 2 hours and 30 minutes, including one intermission.

What age is be more chill appropriate for?

12Be More Chill is recommended for ages 12 and up, as the musical contains strong language and mature themes that might not be suitable for children. Those under the age of 4 will not be permitted to enter the theatre, even with a parent or guardian.

Is waitress appropriate for a 12 year old?

In a word, no. Waitress is not appropriate for kids.

Does Michael Mell have 2 moms?

Michael Mell has two moms! He was adopted when he was 2 by two wonderful ladies who wanted a child to love and they keep him very connected to his roots by speaking Spanish and Tagalog around him as a kid (it helps that they are also both Filipino and Hispanic respectively).

Is Phantom of the Opera appropriate for 12 year old?

The Phantom of The Opera: There are a few design elements and special effects that may frighten young children. Children under 4 are not permitted in the theatre. … Children under the age of 4 are not permitted in the theatre.

Are waitresses kid friendly?

The one flaw in “Waitress” is that it isn’t kid-friendly. That doesn’t make it a bad musical, but it does limit the audience compared with other big musicals on Broadway. … “Waitress” is aimed at adults, as there are adult jokes all through the musical.