Question: How Much Seers Is Tides Worth?

What are the chances of getting a godly in mm2?

Every godly that is able to be unboxed has a 1% chance to be obtained, with the exception of Chroma weapons, which have a lower chance to be unboxed.

Godly weapons are the second rarest weapons in Murder Mystery 2 in general, being more common than untradable Unique Weapons..

How much is Ghostblade mm2?

Ghostblade is a godly knife that could’ve been purchased from the Ghostly Pack for 1700 Robux. It can now only be obtained from trading.

What gun box is luger in mm2?

Luger is a godly Gun that can be unboxed from Gun Box 1.

How many Legendaries is a seer worth?

Seer is a Godly knife that is used as the base value on many value lists, and also is the most common godly in MM2. It was previously able to be crafted by salvaging 10 legendaries. When salvaged, it will return godly metal which can be used to complete the Random Painted Seer Recipe.

What is the rarest knife in Arsenal?


How can I get free Robux?

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How do you get ice wings in mm2?

Icewing is an ancient knife originally bought for 2499 Robux in the Icewing Pack. It can now only be obtainable from trading.

What is the rarest weapon in mm2?

Jack and Mummy are the 2 most valuable rare weapons. Some are craftable, crafted, holidays, and mainly trading.

What box is tides in mm2?

Knife Box 5Tides is a godly knife that can currently be unboxed in Knife Box 5.

How many seers is ice wing?

10 seersThe whole ice wing worth 10 seers started as a joke. This is a list of values for all tradable MM2 items.

What rarity is yellow in mm2?

Nikilis on Twitter: “Item Rarities: (Normal) White – Common Blue – Uncommon Green – Rare Red – Legendary Pink – Godly (Special) Yellow – Classic Orange – Reward”

Who is Nikilis?

Nikilis is a well-known creator in the Roblox Community and is mostly known for the revolutionary Roblox game, Murder Mystery 2, whose predecessor was Murder Mystery. He has also created various other games such as: Trucking Tycoon, Crazy Obstacles, Epic Building, and Hangout.

How many seers is chill worth?

180 seersGodlies (Pinks) Chill – 180 seers.

What does blue mean in mm2?

Light Blue name tag. Prime target with trade holders. Rare. Green name tag. Middle knifes that could be classified as rare or common.