Question: How Much Seers Is Heat Worth?

What is a prismatic worth in mm2?

Prismatic is a Godly knife purchasable for 1,699 Robux released on 17 July 2020..

How much is heat worth?

According to the new Forbes NBA valuations released last week, the Heat is the tenth-most valuable team in the league, clocking in at a cool $1.7 billion buckaroos.

How many Legendaries is a seer worth?

Seer is a Godly knife that is used as the base value on many value lists, and the most common Godly item in the game. It was previously craftable by salvaging 10 legendary weapons. When salvaged, it will return godly metal which can be used to complete the Random Painted Seer Recipe.

Who has Nik’s scythe?

Nik’s Scythe is a blue reskin of Batwing. Apparently, there are 6 of its kind. It’s current owners are Nikilis, Zyleak, Slouse, Julrbx, Idonthaveause, and Songbreeze15.

What are snowflakes mm2 worth?

After Juniper, he took the CEO job at a tiny startup called Snowflake. In his four years there, has grown it from a company valued at about $20 million to one now worth $3.5 billion. Snowflake has raised a total of $923 million, most of it under Muglia. Also asked, what is SEER worth in mm2?

How many seers is elderwood scythe worth?

Trading Elderwood Scythe, will trade at a discount of approximately 50 seers.

What does blue mean in mm2?

Nikilis on Twitter: “Item Rarities: (Normal) White – Common Blue – Uncommon Green – Rare Red – Legendary Pink – Godly (Special) Yellow – Classic Orange – Reward”

How much Robux is Nightblade worth?

Nightblade is a Godly knife originally obtained from Shadow Item Pack which cost 1299 robux.

What is Icewing worth?

Icewing is an ancient knife originally bought for 2499 Robux in the Icewing Pack. It can now only be obtainable from trading.

What is a seer worth in mm2?

MM2 Value List:1 seer = 50 robux Godlies (Pinks) Chill – 100+ seers Sugar – 75 seers Candy – 70 seers Slasher – 60 seers Tides – 50 seers Heat – 35 seers Handsaw – 32 seers Saw – 30 seers Green Luger – 28 seers Red Luger – 28 seers Laser – 25 seers I also think cotton candy should be 2 reds also .>.

How many seers is Flames worth?

200 SeersJordy240797 on Twitter: “#MM2 new Ancient rarity knife Flames is valued at 200 Seers!… ”

What is the rarest weapon in mm2?

Jack and Mummy are the 2 most valuable rare weapons. Some ways you are able to obtain weapons are through trading, crafting, events and even boxes. there are a total of 55 rares.