Question: How Much Is Nikita Dragun Worth?

How did Tana Mongeau get rich?

Tana makes money from the ads on her videos, which makes up most of her net worth.

She gets, on average, 600,000 new views on her videos every day.

Google gives YouTubers a percentage of money based on the number of views.

Google allegedly pays anywhere from $2-$7 per 1,000 monetized views..

How much is NikkieTutorials net worth?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, NikkieTutorials is estimated to be worth $6 million. Think of all the highlighter you can buy.

What is Tana Mongeau net worth?

All in all, Tana Mongeau’s net worth reportedly sits at $4 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth, and it will likely only get bigger from here.

What is Nikita Dragun famous for?

Makeup artist and beauty guru otherwise known as Mama Dragun who has earned more than 3.6 million subscribers on YouTube by creating makeup tutorials, vlogs, and challenges.

Who is Jake Paul net worth?

Jake PaulNationalityAmericanOccupationYouTuberYears active2013–presentNet worth$11.5 million26 more rows

Is Tana Mongeau A Millionaire?

Tana Mongeau Net Worth – $2 Million Tana Mongeau is a YouTube star from Las Vegas whose content is mainly her discussing stories about the strange events that have happened in her life. She has an estimated net worth of $2 million. Her story time and rant videos have earned her massive popularity.

How much is Nikita Dragun worth 2020?

Nikita Dragun is an American YouTube channel that has a net worth of $323,000 dollars as of October 2020.

What is James Charles salary?

As of 2019, his net worth is estimated to be $12 million.

How much does Jeffree Star make a year?

Salary Jeffree Star ALux: Jeffree Star is earning around $20 million per year.

How much did James Charles make from Morphe?

Before Westbrook’s exposé video, Charles had a net worth of $12 million, according to Social Blade. His estimated monthly earnings potentially ranged from $29,000 to over $470,000. He is also charging fans $500 for the premium access pass on his Sisters Tour.

How much is Nikita Dragun makeup?

Show them how it’s done,” another added. The Dragun Beauty Face Palette drops October 7 and is priced at $45.

What’s Trisha paytas net worth?

Trisha Paytas net worth: Trisha Paytas is an American media personality, actress, recording artist, and entrepreneur who has a net worth of $4 million. Trisha Paytas was born in Riverside, California in May 1988.

How much is Jeffree Star worth?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Star has an estimated net worth of $200 million. He has accumulated most of this fortune through his cosmetics brand and YouTube videos.

What are Charles and Alyssa net worth?

Charles & Alyssa Forever Net Worth – $500,000 Charles & Alyssa Forever is a popular YouTube channel that features a couple named Alyssa Hyde and Charles Davis. The have generated an estimated net worth of $140,000 from the platform and majority of their wealth generate outside YouTube.