Question: How Much Is Ghosty Worth?

What is the rarest weapon in mm2?

Jack and Mummy are the 2 most valuable rare weapons.

Some ways you are able to obtain weapons are through trading, crafting, events and even boxes.

there are a total of 55 rares..

How much is batwing worth in mm2?

Batwing is an ancient knife in MM2. It was originally 2500 Robux in the Halloween update of 2018 but is now unpurchasable.

What box is luger in mm2?

Gun Box 1Luger is a godly Gun that can be unboxed from Gun Box 1.

What is Luger worth in mm2?


How much seers is ice wing worth?

we should all know ice wing cost 2499 Robux and a seer cost 50 robux. It looks almost exactly like the Batwing, but icy. This was added as part of the This ancient knife is the 5th ancient weapon (excluding Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Handsaw – 170 seers.

Who has Nik’s scythe?

Nik’s Scythe is a blue reskin of Batwing. Apparently, there are 6 of its kind. It’s current owners are Nikilis, Zyleak, Slouse, Julrbx, Idonthaveause, and Songbreeze15.

How much are tides mm2?

TRADED : 1 Seer 1 Legendary 2 Rares = 1 Tides TIDES WORTH: 50 Seers Like Comment SKRUBSKRIBE PEACE OUT PIEZ THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR 1K VIEWS!

What is the corrupt knife in mm2?

Corrupt is a Unique knife originally rewarded to victims of the Data Loss Glitch. It was the rarest knife in the game before the duping glitch of 2017.

What does blue mean in mm2?

Nikilis on Twitter: “Item Rarities: (Normal) White – Common Blue – Uncommon Green – Rare Red – Legendary Pink – Godly (Special) Yellow – Classic Orange – Reward”

What box is heat in mm2?

rainbow boxHeat is a godly that can currently be unboxed in the rainbow box.

How many seers is a Ghostblade worth?

3 seers3. I believe ghostblade is worth about 3 seers, similar to nightblade, due to the amount of duping that occured. Keeping a desk Is ice wing worth a ghost mm2 on your office desk is portion of the corporate culture. Heat is worth 55 seers, and nightblade is worth 10.

How much seers is ice shard worth?

1 seer = 50 robux. The knife types are the following: Common.

How many seers is heat worth?


What are the chances of getting a godly in mm2?

Every godly that is able to be unboxed has a 1% chance to be obtained, with the exception of Chroma weapons, which have a lower chance to be unboxed. Godly weapons are the second rarest weapons in Murder Mystery 2 in general, being more common than untradable Unique Weapons.

How do you get a JD mm2 knife?

JD is a Legendary knife that was obtained by winning a giveaway or buying merch from their YouTube Channel.

What is Snowflake worth in mm2?

Snowflake is a godly knife that can be obtained by exchanging 3,000 tokens in the Christmas Event 2017. It gives 10 godly shards when salvaged.

What box is gemstone in mm2?

Gemstone is a Godly knife released in Season 1. This knife is obtained by chance from opening Mystery Box 1.