How Much Is Ghostblade Mm2?

What does blue mean in mm2?

Nikilis on Twitter: “Item Rarities: (Normal) White – Common Blue – Uncommon Green – Rare Red – Legendary Pink – Godly (Special) Yellow – Classic Orange – Reward”.

What box is heat in mm2?

rainbow boxHeat is a godly that can currently be unboxed in the rainbow box.

What are candies worth in mm2?

Candy is a godly knife that was unboxed in the knife box of the Christmas Event 2015. It gives 235 Godly Shards when salvaged.

What is Ghostblade worth?

Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts Ghostblade is a godly knife that can be purchased from the Ghostly Pack for 1700 Robux. Ghostblade will probably only be worth 18.

What is Nightblade worth in mm2?

Nightblade is a Godly knife originally obtained from Shadow Item Pack which cost 1299 robux.

What are snowflakes mm2 worth?

After Juniper, he took the CEO job at a tiny startup called Snowflake. In his four years there, has grown it from a company valued at about $20 million to one now worth $3.5 billion. Snowflake has raised a total of $923 million, most of it under Muglia. Also asked, what is SEER worth in mm2?

What is Roblox mm2?

Murder Mystery 2 is a Roblox horror game created by Nikilis. The game is based off a Garry’s Mod game mode called Murder. A server holds up to twelve players, with one “murderer”, one “sheriff”, and ten “innocents” at most.

What is frostbite worth mm2?

Frostbite is a Godly knife obtainable by buying the Frostbite Item Pack gamepass for 1699 Robux.

How much are tides mm2?

TRADED : 1 Seer 1 Legendary 2 Rares = 1 Tides TIDES WORTH: 50 Seers Like Comment SKRUBSKRIBE PEACE OUT PIEZ THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR 1K VIEWS!

What is the rarest weapon in mm2?

Jack and Mummy are the 2 most valuable rare weapons. Some ways you are able to obtain weapons are through trading, crafting, events and even boxes. there are a total of 55 rares.