Are The Fireflies Good?

Why is Ellie immune?

The infection caused Ellie as a fetus to be exposed to the cordyceps and this is the cause of her immunity..

Who killed Ellie?

Thomas GriffithsA teenager stabbed his ex-girlfriend repeatedly in the neck in a “frenzied attack” before trying to make it appear her wounds were self-inflicted. Thomas Griffiths admitted murdering Ellie Gould, 17, at her home in Calne, Wiltshire, in May, after she ended their relationship.

Why is Last of Us 2 hated?

The story was terrible with plot holes, Joel should never have been killed in that way and Ellie should have killed Abby at the end. You shouldn’t spend half the game playing as Abby. The gaming media are all shills and have been paid off by Sony. The game is ‘woke’ and political and made by SJWs with an agenda.

Who all died in the last of us 2?

Does Abby Die in The Last of Us Part 2? While the main goal of The Last of Us Part 2 is a revenge story against Abby, the character does not die. She kills Jesse, maims Tommy, and beats both Ellie and Dina but is convinced to spare them by Lev.

Why did the Fireflies have to kill Ellie?

So, the ending of The Last of Us has Joel make a decision: Let the Fireflies kill Ellie in order to study her brain and find a vaccine, or fight the Fireflies and save Ellie. … The surgeon and Marlene seem incredibly confident that a vaccine will be able to be created from Ellie’s particular strain of infection.

Does Ellie hate Joel?

In the scene, Ellie’s feelings toward Joel begin to soften when he accepts her as a gay woman. “You’re such an a——,” she tells him, in a frustrated but loving tone. “She hated Joel so much for what he did [at the hospital], and yet was able to find a way to start forgiving him,” Druckmann says.

Why did Ellie not kill Abby?

When Ellie is beating Abby, the look on her face implies that it doesn’t feel as satisfying as she had expected it to. Through that, not only did Ellie realize that this wasn’t going to bring back Joel (or honor his memory in any way) but it would only be contributing to the cycle of violence.

Are fireflies harmful?

Whether you know them as Lightning Bugs or Fireflies, these are beneficial insects. They don’t bite, they have no pincers, they don’t attack, they don’t carry disease, they are not poisonous, they don’t even fly very fast.

Is Joel Ellie’s dad?

Originally from Texas, Joel was a single father in his late 20s when the initial Cordyceps outbreak occurred. … Their bond deepens when Ellie nearly loses Joel to a severe injury, and when he comes to her aid after she is nearly killed by a band of cannibals.

Why did they kill off Joel?

Abby’s reason for killing Joel is directly related to him saving Ellie from the Fireflies at the end of The Last of Us. When he learns that they would have to kill Ellie in order to make a vaccine, Joel breaks into the operating room and saves Ellie, killing the doctors and nurses in the process.

Is Ellie pregnant in the last of us?

Ellie is, or was, pregnant Namely this comic cover which is found as an Easter egg in Uncharted 4: At the time, some people wondered if this could be a sequel or comic book related to Ellie’s mother.

Is Lev a girl?

Lev is a transgender teenage boy in The Last Of Us Part 2. He was assigned as a girl at birth, but Lev is a boy in The Last Of Us Part 2 as symbolised by him shaving his head. Despite being initially cautious and reserved, he’s one of the better characters in Naughty Dog’s sequel along with his sister Yara.

Is Ellie a firefly?

Ellie is surprised by Riley. Six weeks later, she is taken by surprise by the sudden return of Riley, who pretends to be infected and bites her on the neck. Relieved, but upset, Ellie asks where her friend has been and Riley reveals that she’s become a Firefly.

Does Ellie die Joel?

As we have all seen, Ellie in The Last Of Us 2 has been very close to Joel who has kept her safe and alive throughout the story. However, in the game, Joel gets killed in front of Ellie by Abby who is filled with rage and anger for her father’s death.

Are the Fireflies bad in the last of us?

Conversely, the Fireflies biggest threat is not the military, but rather rampant extreme anarchy. To put it simply, the bad guy isn’t the military or the Fireflies, it’s the extreme factions that are poised to seize control of both movements. The military quarantine zones, like you say in your theory, are not evil.